About this site

We have developed this site to allow bridge clubs to play as clubs - with their own members, replicating as closely as possible the experience of a face-to-face club session.

Please note: the site is in the early stages of development. We look forward to your feedback and will be polishing it and improving it energetically in the days and weeks to come.

Currently there is no charge for using the site, though it is possible to upload results to the English Bridge Union (EBU) in which case EBU affiliated clubs will pay a small Universal Membership fee in the normal way. In future we may ask for a contribution to costs but it is intended that the site remains very cost-effective and lower in price than commercial alternatives.

If your club would like to try the site, or you would like further information, please email info @ yourbridgeclubonline.co.uk or call Tim Anderson on 01962 217150.